New Chief Justice

This refers to the appointment of K.G. Balakrishnan as the Chief Justice of India. The fact that he will be the first Chief Justice belonging to a Scheduled Caste is most gratifying. His achievement, as that of President K.R. Narayanan, shows that if education is given importance and political battles are fought for economic development, as in Kerala, it is not difficult for the backward sections to progress.

K. Subramanian,

Justice Balakrishnan's appointment shows that opportunities are available equally to all, irrespective of caste. Those who are willing to work hard succeed.

K.S. Thampi,

Why do we find it necessary to say that Justice Balakrishnan belongs to a particular caste? He has risen to the high office on merit.

A. Ramachandran,

Once the Chief Justice assumes office, religion and caste do not matter. Why then should the media hype the fact that Justice Balakrishnan is the first Dalit Chief Justice of India? President K.R. Narayanan was also described as the first Dalit President. Unlike political parties that exploit religion and caste for votes, the media should observe restraint while reporting such matters.

K. Venkataraman,

Most of the media chose to have the news of the first Dalit Chief Justice on the front page. Similarly, when anyone belonging to the minority community assumes a high office, the media highlight his religion. Almost 60 years have passed since we got our independence. One wonders when the first Indian will rise to a position of eminence.

Balvinder Singh,

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