Nationalists and Non-Cooperation (From an editorial)

There is naturally a good deal of rejoicing in anti-Nationalist and anti-Indian quarters over the manner in which the Nationalists have been “hoist with their own petard”. One local contemporary chortles into incoherence while another rejoices that a sectional movement has at last been justified of its existence. A good deal of misapprehension also appears to exist among the general public as to the position of those people who while thinking Non-Co-operation is desirable cannot see eye to eye with Mr. Gandhi as to the efficacy of his programme. They are accused of taking shelter under a quibble and their inconsistency is held up to scorn in that they are now doing the very thing which they once reproved the Moderates for. Unfortunately the present political atmosphere is not best suited for calm judgments and misapprehension and hysterical accusations appear to be the order of the day. We shall therefore endeavour to elucidate our attitude and shall always be glad to be corrected if in any wise that attitude appears to be inconsistent or disloyal to the Congress.