Congress Presidency. Mrs. Besant Elected.

The meeting of the Congress Reception Committee took place this evening [in Calcutta on August 30], some 250 to 300 members attending. Rai Boikantanath Sen presided. Onsome questions arising regarding the minutes of the previous meeting, Babu H. N. Dutt made a statement which was not supported by Babu S.N. Bannerjee. The former retorted that a man of any honesty would support him. The chairman called on the speaker to withdraw the remark whereupon Mr. Dutt, amid much applause, refused. The Chairman thereupon declared the meeting dissolved and left with some hundred members, including Messrs. Surendranath Bannerjee, D.P. Sarvadhikari, Nilratan Sircar, the Hon’ble Mr. S.N. Roy and the Hon’ble Mr. P.C. Mitter.

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