Cochin Finances (From an editorial)

The memorandum explaining the financial statement of the Cochin State for the year 1096 M.E. (August 1920-August 1921) shows that the budget estimate of receipts under service heads for 1096 amounts to Rs. 59,44,200 as against the budget estimate of Rs. 53,69,800 for 1095. The total expenditure estimated for the year comes to Rs. 57,71,100. Both the revenues and the expenditure for the year 1095 are said to be the highest on record. In round figures the revenue rose in 1095 by 8 lakhs. The increase in the revenue is attributed to a series of ‘windfalls’. Expenditure also increased in a corresponding degree and the net surplus for the year 1095 is now estimated at Rs. 3,19,400. The anticipated revenue of Rs. 59,44,200 for the year 1096 shows an increase over the corresponding figure in the budget estimate of 1095 by Rs. 5,75,000. Advantage has been taken, we are told, of the additional income to provide for important public works whose claims for liberal sanction of grants had not been satisfied.

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