Clarification from ex-Additional Secretary

There were no violations

Your report headlined, “After tiff, officer in WCD Ministry put on compulsory wait” (Sept.7), said: “It is learnt that Mr. Singh, who was also transferred out of the MHA [Ministry of Home Affairs] on the same day as Mr. Goyal, bypassed the Home Secretary and took matters directly to the Minister.”

That was factually incorrect and created an impression that I violated the rules prescribed for submission of files. I followed the channel of submission scrupulously. No file was submitted to the Home Minister directly without it having been seen by the Home Secretary. No rule or procedure was violated by me during my eight-month tenure in the MHA, which covers the tenure of [Anil] Goswami as well as [L.C.] Goyal.

Anant Kumar Singh

Additional Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (former Addl. Secretary, MHA)

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