Changing the packaging

This refers to the editorial, `One party, two visions' (Jan. 21). The ideal of a two-party (or even multi-party) system is nurtured to structure and limit political choices in a bourgeois system, transforming the electorate from a referee in the match to a football.

Like a firm in a commodity economy, political parties' success depends on how many incarnations (choices) they themselves can take, even if it means changing the colour of the packaging. The BJP has been remarkably successful in this regard - earlier, if it was Atal Bihari Vajpayee versus L.K. Advani, today it is L.K. Advani versus Rajnath Singh.

Pratyush Chandra,
Adelphi, Maryland

The RSS and the VHP are interfering too much in the BJP's affairs.

If this continues, the BJP will lose its credibility and disappear altogether. As long as they did not taste power, the BJP, the RSS, and the VHP were together. But once they did, differences began to crop up.

M.M. Kale,
Kakinada, A.P.

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