A peep into Bamboo Curtain

Washington: China specialists in the United States believe that they have at last been able to crack the bamboo curtain and learn a great deal more about the enigmatic Mao Tsetung and the country he rules. The U.S. Government and scholars are said to have gained this new insight from a number of documents. They were acquired by the U.S. through Japanese and Hong Kong sources and those who have seen them are convinced they are genuine. Among other things, the newly acquired evidence traces the origin of the Sino-Soviet conflict to 1945. The documents also purport to show that the cultural revolution was not a power struggle but a movement deliberately set in motion by Mao to find out who were the true revolutionaries and who were the enemies of the regime. It was also intended to find out who should inherit his mantle. Mao pinned his hopes on two precepts: that conflict was inherently beneficial and that a true revolutionary should keep close to the masses. He had great faith in the ordinary people and was often contemptuous of bureaucrats and intellectuals. “The more books a person reads, the more stupid he becomes,” he is said to have remarked.

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