A new era?

The introduction of a Bill in the Tamil Nadu Assembly on Saturday allowing the Government to take over two cable TV networks in the States will hopefully herald a new era wherein viewers are able to watch all channels without any hassle.

The autonomy of the multi system operators restricts the choices of the viewers and they are often deprived of a fair deal. It would have been even better had the Bill included the cable TV operators at the tail end of the distribution network.

K. Murlidar,

Millions of cable TV viewers in the State will without a doubt appreciate the move. For too long have the cable TV operators functioned with utter disregard for the grievances, demands, and needs of the public.

K. Suryanarayanan,

The cable TV operators have to be covered under the Bill as their services leave a lot to be desired. Through cable TV, Internet should also be introduced at cheap rates. It is hoped the Governor's assent will soon be given to the Bill.

R. Ganesan,

True, the Bill mainly targets the two major MSOs, one of which is owned and operated by the family of the Union Communications Minister. But, in retrospect, have the public, particularly Chennaiites, not suffered enough at the hands of these MSOs?

R. Thiruvengadam,

There is no valid justification for the Government's decision. Also, past experience of government-run outfits will show that the new venture could flounder.

Although the Bill may be passed in the Assembly, the Governor could throw open the issue for public debate before giving his assent.

Sellappa Pattappa,

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