Torch relay game brings Olympics nearer to children

As music flowed, a paper model of the Beijing Olympic torch was passed from one child to another at a children care centre in Vladivostok, Russia, on Friday afternoon.

About 600 children from Russia and China’s earthquake-hit Sichuan province were taking part in this torch relay game. According to game rules, when the music stops, the one who bears the torch has to answer a question about the Beijing Olympic Games and if the answer is correct, the child will get a prize. “What colour are the Olympic rings and what do they represent?” a teacher gave the first question when the music stopped.

Almost without any hesitation, a Chinese girl named Wen Dan said, “Blue, black, red, yellow and green. They respectively represent Oceania, Africa, America, Asia and Europe.” Wen got a volleyball for her correct answer, which drew envious eyes from many around her.

The game went on and this time a second paper torch was passed among Russian kids. However excited about the game, the first Russian girl who got the chance to answer questions failed to give a correct answer to “how many Olympic Games are there including the Beijing event?”

Music resumed and the torch continued to circulate among Russian children. Daunted by the initial failure, most of the “torch bearers” were eager to pass the torch to the next person for fear that they may embarrass themselves by not giving the right answer.

When the music stopped again, all the children burst out laughing seeing a small Russian boy trying so hard to thrust the torch into the refusing hands of another child.

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