Tamil and China

It is quite interesting to know that Tamil, one of the ancient languages of India, is crossing borders (“There is Tamil in China’s air,” June 19).

It is a welcome sign that the Chinese are interested in learning Tamil and choosing it as their optional language. We should appreciate the Chinese for their enthusiasm. Movies can be a source for students to understand the language and pronounce the words properly.

The Communications University of China can invite faculty from Tamil Nadu and organise guest lectures on Tamil language which will immensely help the students. Ultimately languages should act as a bridge between countries.

A. Yagna Srikanth,


Pallavi Aiyar has done a splendid job, projecting the role of the Tamil services of China Radio International in building friendship and better understanding between the peoples of India and China, especially Tamil-speaking people in the region. This is in line with the most popular Tamil Services of the BBC, which has been running it for more than 50 years. This timely publication will enable the universities in Tamil Nadu to develop partner universities for the promotion of Tamil language and culture.

K. Balasundram,


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