Tackling price rise

The hike in the prices of petroleum products has become a burden for the common man. The whole world is looking for ways of overcoming the situation. But organising bandhs to protest the hike is no solution. The need of the hour is to use the fuel resources in a limited manner. Of what use is politicising a global issue?

B. Bhavya Latha,


* * *

The oil scenario is critical. It can get worse tomorrow. Instead of protesting and issuing statements against the hike, the opposition parties and the people should encourage the government to explore alternative sources such as nuclear, wind and solar energy.

Roji Joseph,


* * *

There should be no increase in the price of diesel supplied to the public transport system. Buses, autorickshaws, trucks and the railways should be spared the hike. Diesel and petrol for private cars and motorcycles should be rationed and charged at higher prices.

The government should realise that PDS is an important and powerful instrument to deal with crisis such as this. There should be control on the distribution of petrol and diesel. We should not divert our resources, especially foreign exchange, to import oil. We should reduce the import of crude and make people cut down on oil. The production of private luxury cars should be curtailed. Talent should be directed to produce the best public transport in which even the rich can travel comfortably.

There are attempts at finding alternatives to fossil fuel. But that will amount to attacking our food security. The prices of foodgrains are going up the world over. Farmlands that produce food have been converted to bio-diesel.

Alex Tuscano,