Students’ behaviour

Let me applaud and endorse the views expressed in the article “Students’ (mis)behaviour” (Open Page, Nov. 18). It is right in saying that most of those who come late to school have genuine problems. Counselling, rather than punishment, can work wonders. In my 15 years of teaching career, I have tackled a few incidents of late-coming.

On one occasion, I summoned a student to counsel him. He broke down and told me that he had lost his father at the beginning of the semester and was unable to overcome the tragedy. Students too are human and are touched to the core when you empathise with them.

Binod Mishra,


The article says most teachers are ignorant of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Children. The teachers require a thorough orientation to increase their awareness levels. The authorities can think of introducing a feedback system through which the outgoing students of a class can give an assessment of the teachers who taught them during the year under review.

A dispassionate assessment of the feedback will help in improving the system.

S.R. Badrinarayanan,


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