Rita Joshi episode

In her article “Uttar Pradesh: the fedual undercurrent (July 21),’ Vidya Subrahmaniam has correctly pointed out the failure of Rahul Gandhi to act on the issue as he is the saviour of the moribund party. Had he unequivocally condemned the intemporate language used by Rita Bahuguna against Chief Minister Mayawati and relieved her of her party position at least temporarily after apologising on behalf of the Congress, he would have demonstrated statesmanship and vision like Pandit Nehru. The prestige of the party he leads would have soared to great heights. If, inspite of it the BSP indulged in violence, the Congress would have been on a firm ground to condemn that party. Mr. Gandhi still has time to learn from past mistakes.

M.K.B. Nambiar,


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