Revisiting Kargil

This is with reference to the article “Pakistan revisits the Kargil war” (June 21). The state of affairs in the Pakistan army is chaotic, with top officials pointing fingers at Pervez Musharraf. This messy situation in Pakistan’s most powerful institution is a problem for not only that country but also for India as the jihadis are making the most of the disorder to spread terror in both countries.

Vivek Agarwal,


Retired Lt. Gen. Jamshed Gulzar Kiani’s boastful remark that as a soldier and general he is “far, far superior to an Indian army general” is amusing.

The Pakistan army’s drubbing in successive wars with India and its dubious role in the chequered history of the country, it seems, have not been able to dent the superiority complex of the top brass in the armed forces. A little growing up would certainly do the armymen some good.

K. Uma,


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