RTI miracle

The article, “Saving the right to information miracle,” (May 12) made a timely report on the achievements of the RTI Act. It is a very powerful tool in the hands innovative and eager minds of concerned citizens that can restructure and reform the way the Governmental India works. The Act needs no amendments which will only serve the complacent attitude of various public authorities. The Act needs to be expanded in its scope and responsibilities. It has the potential to bring a socio-economic revolution provided various agencies fulfil their responsibilities in the spirit of the Act.

Poor record management is a major hindrance to the pace of addressing appeals and handling complaints. There is a lack of electronic document management in most States. Sourcing information is a tedious procedure. There must be a centralised maintenance of administrative documents — say, an archive — and the CIC office can act as a holder of this knowledge resource.

Neha Singh,