Positive experience

The article “Public services: a positive experience” (Jan. 24) was truly a tribute to the many million government employees who are sincere and dedicated. I have heard many people say “you don’t have any work if you are a government employee,” as if it is a saying. If someone comes late in a private firm the first comment he will hear is, “this is not a government office.” On the eve of Republic Day, the article comes as a breath of fresh air.

Kala K.


* * *

A retired official, I was elated at reading the article. When we often hear complaints and allegations against government officials for their lack of sincerity, civility, and shirking of responsibility, the experience narrated in the article about timely medical treatment given to a passenger who suffered a mild heart attack is laudable. While this should be the normal way of functioning of any government institution, it has become a rare occurrence in reality. Such stories deserve the attention of government officials.

S. Nallasivan,


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