On reservation

The suggestion by the National Commission for Minorities that reservation be extended to Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims is welcome. In India, the caste system is deep rooted. Dalits, wherever they live, whatever position they occupy, and whatever religion they follow, are viewed as Dalits first. Dalits among Christians and Muslims are engaged in the same occupations and live in the same localities as Dalit Hindus. It is only fair to treat all Dalits equally and ensure that there is no discrimination against Christians and Muslims. When a Dalit Sikh and a Dalit Buddhist is considered a member of the Scheduled Castes, why should the same status not be extended to a Dalit Christian and Muslim?

Rajkumar Rathinasamy,


* * *

Instead of striving to eliminate reservation in a phased manner, we seem to be clamouring for more of it and seeking to bring more communities under its purview. At this rate, the entire population of India will fall under some reserved category and the state will have to introduce de-reservation.

A. LathikaVenugopal,


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