On Katchatheevu

The editorial “Katchatheevu is settled” (June 22) is bold, forthright and hard-hitting. Political leaders of Tamil Nadu will perhaps fully agree with its contents in private, but will never do so in public for fear of being branded anti-Tamils by their opponents. It is not only in matters pertaining to Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan Tamils but also river water disputes with neighbouring States that Tamil Nadu’s politicians adopt belligerent postures to outdo one another, which is why many issues remain unresolved for years.

K.N. Ramani,


* * *

I doubt if the editorial will make the political parties in Tamil Nadu see reason. All these days, they harped on the LTTE and used the Sri Lankan Tamils issue to distract people from local issues. Now they are raising the bogey of Katchatheevu.

S.A.S. Sarma,


* * *

Tamil Nadu has not demanded the dishonouring of the treaties signed between India and Sri Lanka. It is the indiscriminate firing by the Sri Lankan forces on the fishermen of Tamil Nadu that has given rise to the demand that the IMBL agreements be revisited. A nation’s sovereignty should not be misused to kill fishermen who stray into the Sri Lankan waters.

D. Anandkumar,


* * *

Fishermen being shot at is a matter of grave concern. They are drawn to the Sri Lankan waters for fishing.

The Joint Working Group is just another effort by the two countries to silence their critics.

Raghavendran Selvaraj,