On Islamophobia

The article “New wave of Islamophobia in Europe?” (Aug. 29) portrays the typical situation Muslims face in Europe today. After the fall of the Khilafat in Turkey, the Muslim community has been striving to survive in various socio-political environs around the world. In Europe, Muslims have struggled and lived as loyal citizens. But Europeans seem to fear that the immigration of Muslims will affect their culture, lifestyle and politics. The continuous negative propaganda by the western media is one of the main reasons for Islamophobia.

Md. Younush,


* * *

While I agree that there is prejudice against non-Muslims in some Islamic countries (Letters, Aug. 31), it is also true that those who go to these countries are aware of the laws there. They seek employment for their own commercial interests. The situation in Europe, on the other hand, is different. It is considered a secular society. Prejudice against Muslims is against the spirit of European countries and, most importantly, their laws. It is not just Muslims who have been targeted in Europe. Sikhs have also been humiliated. Sadly, the victims of racial incidents in European countries are citizens or immigrants-turned-citizens, unlike only immigrants as in the case of Muslim countries.

Mahmood Ali Khan,


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