Ominous sign

The report of the Coast Guard's interception of a boat in the Indian waters and seizure of deadly arms and ammunition including a 7 kg suicide belt, off Kodiakarai in Tamil Nadu (Feb. 16), makes ominous reading. It has reinforced the fact that the LTTE has always had a lobby that sympathises with it and supports its cause.

Strong preventive and deterrent measures should be initiated to cut off the LTTE's arms supply in Tamil Nadu. It should be done right now before, as the report has warned, the Tigers consolidate their suspected synergies with other extremist groups.

Col. C.V. Venugopalan (retd.),

The seizure of the boat should set the alarm bells ringing in Tamil Nadu. The recent spate of seizures by the police, the Navy, and the Coast Guard points to the resumption of LTTE activities in the State. The Government should remember the heavy price the nation had to pay in 1991 for allowing the LTTE to get a foothold in the State.

J. Anantha Padmanabhan,

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