Mullaperiyar issue

This has reference to the article, ‘A dam and some critical questions (July 21),’ by Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer. I am one of those unfortunate lakhs who have sleepless nights in the fear of getting washed away by the roaring waters of the Mullaperiyar reservoir any time. Putting an end to politically motivated arguments, leaders from both Tamil Nadu and Kerala should think of the lives of the lakhs living downstream and try to prevent the “occurrence of a second Kosi disaster.” The only possible solution will be through intervention by the Supreme Court.

Deepa Chandran,


* * *

Requesting the Prime Minister to settle the issue, though laudable, is not practical. If the Prime Minister says the stand taken by Kerala is right, then he will draw the wrath of his coalition partners in Tamil Nadu and vice versa. The issue will continue to feed politicians of all shades in both the States. My submission is that it is time that we brought all the rivers under one central authority.

L. Madhavan,


* * *

As Mullaperiyar is a ticklish issue of sharing river waters, a political solution is needed to be hammered out by the Chief Ministers concerned with advice by the Central government. The media and the general public must cooperate with government initiatives to solve the issue amicably and avoid schism between two neighbouring States. Telecasting documentaries on the illusionary calamities if the dam fails — especially when the issue is alive — is not in good spirit. Political leaders should show statesmanship to solve the problem.

V. Rajan,


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