Madani’s plea

As rightly pointed out by Mehmood Madani, Jamiat Ullema-e-Islam leader (June 9), Muslims have become victims of the worst kinds of profiling, thanks to a few Muslims who perpetrate acts of terror. The media have contributed to their plight by projecting Indian Muslims as being enemies of the country.

I was surprised at the attitude of my friends when I told them that I stayed with a Muslim family when I was in Mumbai. But I still cherish the days I spent with the family. I hope Mr. Madani’s message will reach a larger audience.

V.P. Sreenivasan,


* * *

I hope my non-Muslim friends will appreciate the piquant situation in which peace-loving Muslims find themselves — between the devil and the deep sea — because of a handful of emotionally charged persons who have Muslim names. I also wish Mr. Madani succeeds in convincing non-Muslims that true Muslims condemn terrorism in word and spirit.

A. Jainulabdeen,