Liberty & democracy

The article “Importance of liberty & democracy in India” by Markandey Katju (Jan. 26) is interesting and thought-provoking. He is right in saying that draconian laws cannot eliminate terrorism. Respect for all religions and the elimination of poverty and unemployment alone will lead to a decline in the number of terrorist activities.

B. Bharath Bhushan,



What an excellent treatise on liberty, democracy and science. One cannot advance without the help of the other two. Fear breeds repression, which is why we have not only draconian laws but also cultural policing in the form of lumpenised actions by some sections. It is baffling to note, regretfully though, that many a well-heeled person today endorses mob justice handed out in some parts of Bihar and Andhra Pradesh.

The need of the hour is sustained mobilisation to enhance the people’s understanding of the importance of adhering to the constitutional provisions. Any extra-constitutional act in the name of religion and culture which violates an individual’s rights should be condemned.

Kasim Sait,


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