LTTE and terror

The way the Tamil hostages have been fleeing to safety from the LTTE-controlled no-war zone since the Sri Lankan security forces broke the three sq km earthen wall built by the Tigers speaks volumes about the lives they have lived all these years. The international community should provide all assistance to Sri Lanka in rehabilitating the displaced Tamils and ushering in normality.

S. Pushpavanam,


* * *

The pictures showing the exodus of Tamil civilians from the LTTE-controlled areas leave one wondering how long the poor people can bear the brunt of the civil war.

Anil K. Joshi,


* * *

The surrender of two LTTE officials, Daya Master and George Master, is indeed a huge blow to the outfit. One hopes many more LTTE cadres will follow suit. The future of thousands of people is at stake. India and the rest of the world should ensure that dignity and peace are restored to their lives.

M. Somasekhar Prasad,


* * *

The killing of Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka is a matter of serious concern. But their safety will remain a distant dream unless the LTTE gives up the demand for a separate Eelam. It is the LTTE’s subversive activities that have prompted the Sri Lankan government to take repressive action against the Tamils. A negotiated settlement is the only solution to the ethnic conflict.

K.V. Seetharamaiah,


* * *

The LTTE has been declared a terrorist group by 32 countries. In India, it is a banned outfit and its leader is accused of assassinating Rajiv Gandhi. Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has assured the world leaders that he will do everything necessary to provide succour to the innocent civilians. Politicians in Tamil Nadu are using the Sri Lankan issue only to exploit the people’s sentiments and gain political mileage.

K.Y. Khan,


* * *

Whether a group is terrorist or not is a matter of opinion. But going by its atrocities, including Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, one cannot but conclude that the LTTE is a terrorist outfit. It is a pity that an elected Chief Minister has extended words of sympathy to its leader.

R. Narayana Iyer,


* * *

The timing of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s remark on Prabakaran may not be appropriate but it is true that the LTTE chief is not a terrorist. Many Tamils across the world accept him as their leader. It was because of the policy followed by successive Sri Lanka governments that Prabakaran took to the gun. Once the LTTE is eliminated, India will have no say in the affairs of Sri Lanka.

S. Rajkumar,


* * *

I refer to the letter comparing Prabakaran with Subhas Chandra Bose (April 23). Although Bose chose violent methods to free India from colonial rule, he was a nationalist, humanist and an ardent admirer of Mahatma Gandhi. He did not pose any hindrance to Gandhiji’s non-violent methods whereas Prabakaran eliminated all his fellow Tamil leaders who followed the Gandhian ideals to pursue the Tamils’ cause.

P. Rajaravichandran,


* * *

After almost four decades of struggle, the Sri Lankan Tamils are set to lose all that they have gained and are at the mercy of the government. This has happened because of the disunity among the Tamil groups of Sri Lanka and between the Tamils of India and Sri Lanka. At no point of time did the Indian Tamils have any control over the LTTE, a fascist group that eliminated all its opponents.

The Tamil groups in India and Sri Lanka should prepare themselves for the post-LTTE era. They must unite to ensure that the Sri Lankan Tamils get their due.

R. Balajee,


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