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The exit of the first-ever BJP-led government in the south within a week will seriously dent the party’s image at the national level. Its realignment with the Janata Dal (Secular) was ill-advised and reflected its desire to come to power at any cost. The national leaders of the party were also eager to see it make its debut in the south. The wrong decision has not done any good for the party or the people. The Karnataka experience holds a lesson for the political parties which strike alliances of convenience for sharing the spoils.

The Governor should not entertain any party’s claim about the numbers to form another ministry on borrowed time. He should recommend the dissolution of the Assembly.

N.K. Vijayan,


The JD(S)’ action in not allowing Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa to win the confidence vote in the Karnataka Assembly is unfortunate. Hardly 15 days ago, the MLAs of the JD(S) and the BJP were in Delhi to present their combined strength before the President of India.

But in less than a week after the Chief Minister assumed office, the JD(S) has prevented the BJP from running the government. In such an atmosphere, the best thing to do is to impose President’s Rule yet again in the State.

K.M. Lakshmana Rao,


An unnecessary election is set to be imposed on the people of Karnataka. It is time a political awareness programme was started to impress upon the people the need to look beyond regional affiliations and vote in the interest of their State. How can we improve our infrastructure, healthcare and education when our resources are used up in conducting elections every three years?

Shiv Pratap Pintu,

New Delhi The Karnataka political scene is deplorable. Only 13 days ago, the BJP-JD(S) combine virtually forced the Governor and the Centre to revoke President’s Rule in the State by presenting a united front. Today, the situation is back to square one. There should be no place for such politics in a democracy.

S. Vijay,


The inevitable has happened in Karnataka. The unholy alliance was expected to break but not so soon. Mr. Yeddyurappa was keen on becoming Chief Minister even if it was for a day. The redeeming part of the political drama is that he resigned without washing dirty linen on the floor of the House. It is hoped the Governor will take a realistic view of the situation and recommend the dissolution of the Assembly.

M.A. Chandrashekar,


The JD(S)’ flip-flop will surely have an adverse impact on its electoral fortunes. It is the people who suffer when the actions of their representatives are indecisive. President’s Rule should be imposed in Karnataka. Political parties should come to a proper understanding before staking their claim to form a coalition.

D. Haemanthkumar,


By withdrawing support to the BJP government at the last minute, the JD(S) has crossed all limits of coalition dharma. It is a pity that a national party such as the BJP has been subjected to intense humiliation twice by the same ally. It would do well to remember that people who forget history are condemned to repeat it.

B. Suresh Kumar,


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