J&K elections

The article “For secessionists, humiliation follows hubris” (Dec. 23) has accurately described the position in which separatist leaders of Jammu and Kashmir find themselves after the successful conduct of six phases of the seven-phase elections to the Assembly.

Although it would be wrong to say that the Kashmir issue is non-existent, it would be equally incorrect to assume that an average Kashmiri buys the arguments of the so-called freedom fighters. On the contrary, a common Kashmiri aspires to be a Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Shah Rukh Khan or Ratan Tata. The reference to the specific social classes shows the depth of the author’s knowledge of the issue which many intellectuals portray as a fight for independence in the Kashmir Valley.

Pranav Mahajan,


* * *

The unexpected high election turnout in the Jammu and Kashmir elections so far underlines the common man’s foresightedness, hope and maturity in decision-making which the political leadership would do well to emulate. Slowly but steadily, the people are realising that the secessionists have their own agenda. The security personnel too deserve credit for maintaining peace under demanding circumstances. An ultimate triumph of democracy, development, and prosperity over communalism, hatred and terror can be the only worthy result.

Saren Jose,

New Delhi

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