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* * In a report “Maoists hijack, release train in Jharkhand” (April 23, 2009, page 1) it was mentioned in the fifth paragraph that the driver of the Delhi-Rajdhani Express averted a possible hijack after the control room informed him of the attack near Hehegarha. He then took the train in the reverse direction for 20 km and went on another route, avoiding Latehar. A railway official clarifies that no train driver (now called a pilot) can take a train forward, backward or on a different route as he wishes. His every move is watched and controlled by the respective station masters and the control room. He has to act only according to their instructions. The credit must go to the station masters and the train controllers in avoiding a possible hijack; the train pilot was only a tool.

* * The name of the constituency in Assam is Nowgong. A report “Assam goes to the final phase of polling” (April 23, 2009) gave it as Nagaon (the old spelling.)

* * The second pointer in the info-box that went with a report “Situation in no-fire-zone is nothing short of catastrophic: Red Cross” (April 22, 2009) was misleading. It said “Tamil civilians being used as human shields by soldiers”, which many thought was said by the Red Cross. It was an allegation by the LTTE.

* * The caption of a standalone PTI photograph, titled “Exercising franchise” (April 23, 2009), showed voters waiting to cast their votes at Yairipok in Thoubal, Manipur , on Wednesday. An estimated 60 per cent polling was recorded in the second phase of parliamentary elections, which was free of violence.” A few readers wondered how this was possible when phase 2 of the general elections began yesterday (April 23). The detail in the caption is right. Phase 2 polling was held on April 22 for Inner Manipur PC.

* * A sentence in “Works at [Coimbatore] airport nearing completion” (Coimbatore, April 23, 2009, page 1) was “Once the 1,670 paralleltaxi works are over in the next three to four months, runway utilisation time would be reduced for handling more aircraft at peak hour.” It should have been “1,670-metre”.

The report also had the term “fat-bellied aircraft”. Though not commonly used, it means large cargo aircraft.

* * A report “Centenarian General dead” (April 22, 2009) had a reference to the “Rashtriya Indian Military College in 1922”. A reader said that it could not have had such a name then. The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC), in Dehradun (which the report did not mention) was, till Independence, the Prince of Wales Royal Indian Military College, inaugurated on March 13, 1922 by Prince Edward VIII, the Prince of Wales.

* * *

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