Corrections and clarifications

* * A sentence in the third paragraph of a Delhi report “Good tidings on monsoon front” (June 23, 2009) was “There were strong signals that the monsoon system could get strengthened from June 25 and that the new surge would continue till about the middle of June in a sustained manner.” It should have been “about the middle of July”.

* * The Assembly of Experts (which elects and monitors the activities of Iran’s Supreme Leader) has 86 members and not 89 members as mentioned in the second paragraph of a report “Government targets Rafsanjani’s family” (“International” page, June 22, 2009).

* * The Narasimham Committee-II recommended in 1997 the creation of four or five mega banks to take on international competition. The first paragraph of “Bristling with practical problems” (Editorial, June 20, 2009) gave the year as 1977.

A sentence in the first paragraph was “… the only merger of any consequence was the one that took place between the State Bank of India and the State Bank of Saurashtra, the smallest of its associated banks.” It is “associate bank” (previously called subsidiary).

* * In a report “Inflation strays into negative zone” (June 19, 2009, page 1), both the text and accompanying graphic put the inflation rate on June 7, 2008 at 11.66 per cent. It should have been 11.05 per cent. The Special Correspondent clarifies that the WPI inflation for the same week in June last year was initially pegged at 11.05 per cent. However, the first WPI data numbers are all provisional estimates which undergo two revisions. In the final revision which is normally announced after about nearly two months for that week was 11.66 per cent. In his comments on the WPI data, Finance Secretary Ashok Chawla also referred to the week’s inflation in 2008 as 11.66 per cent.

* * *

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