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An article “Elegance, not flamboyance, was her forte” (Op-Ed, July 17, 2009) said, in the sixth paragraph, that Ambi Dikshitar is the grandson of the legendary Muthuswamy Dikshitar. In response to a query, the writer clarifies that he is a descendant of Muthuswamy Dikshitar’s brother Baluswamy Dikshitar.

The second paragraph of a report “Godrej Hershey’s new plans” (“Business” page, July 18, 2009) was “... he said the overall confectionary market was Rs. 1,600 crore and the company was enjoying a share of 12 per cent. Out of which, the South contributed Rs. 500 crore, the market share being 16 per cent. A reader said that if the company’s market share is only 12 per cent of Rs. 1,600 crore, this works out to be Rs. 192 crore, whereas the report says the South’s contribution is Rs. 500 crore. Assuming the South’s contribution is 16 per cent of the total market share then the amount works out to be Rs. 256 crore. The Business Desk clarifies: The share of the confectionary market (the South) is Rs. 500 crore out of an all-India total of Rs. 1,600 crore. The share of Godrej Hershey (all-India) is Rs. 192 crore (12 per cent) of Rs. 1,600 crore and the South is 16 per cent (Rs. 80 crore).

An AP report “Squid Invasion” (“International” page, July 20, 2009) had a one-time reference to a “Shanda Magill” in the last paragraph. Ms. Magill is manager of San Diego Underwater Adventures. While diving in the waters off San Diego to watch squid recently, her light and buoyancy hose was ripped from her by a Humboldt squid.

A sentence in the last paragraph of a report “Developing nations’ demands acknowledged in declaration” (July 11, 2009) was “The other was the proposal of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to raise £ 100 billion mainly from market sources, including carbon markets.” The figure should have been $100 billion.

In a report “Michael Clarke and Brad Haddin lead a spirited Australian fightback” (City editions, “Sport”, July 20, 2009), the batsman seen in the AP photograph that went with the report was Brad Haddin, and not Michael Clarke as the caption seemed to suggest.

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