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  • A late correction. A sentence in the first paragraph of “The right steps towards Cuba” (Editorial, October 7, 2009) was: “While this is the highest-level encounter between the two countries since President George W. Bush suspended contact in 2003, the hostile language used particularly by Republican U.S. presidents conceals the fact that U.S.-Cuban contacts have never ceased completely.” President Bush’s administration ended the twice-a-year migration talks with Havana in 2004, and not in 2003.

  • An item “Waters of destruction” (Some editions, “News This Week” – Young World, October 13, 2009) was: “Days after what is being called the worst floods in Andhra Pradesh’s history, people are still fighting the fury of the waters. This is reportedly the worst floods in 10,000 years ….” There were a few queries on the figure quoted. (The item was compiled from various leading news sources.) The Krishna river created a record in October 2009 when 11.03 lakh cusec of floodwater reached the Prakasam barrage, making it the heaviest flood in more than 106 years. Officials at the Nagarjunasagar Project say that previously, on October 7, 1903, the maximum observed flood was 10.61 lakh cusec, at Vijayawada.