Corrections and clarifications

>>A sentence in “Mamata's dangerous game” (Editorial, August 11, 2010) said: “There will be a huge price to pay if the central government continues to look the other way as Ms Banerjee pursues her akratic course for power at any cost”, leading to queries on what ‘akratic' meant. Akratic (adjective) is the derivative of the word “Akrasia” or “Acrasia” (philosophy). It is the state of mind in which someone acts against their better judgment through weakness of will. It is from the Greek ‘ a' (without) + ‘ kratos' (power, strength).

>>The text of a report “India's election process can be emulated by other countries: Sir Mark Tully” (Tamil Nadu, August 9, 2010) had references to ‘Sir Tully'. As a few readers point out, ‘Sir', an honorific title, is followed by the first name, so it is either Sir Mark or Sir Mark Tully, but not Sir Tully.

>>The first paragraph of a report “Manipur Minister Erabot breaks militants' padlock, for the second time this year” (Kolkata, August 10, 2010) said: “For the second time this year, Manipur Consumer and Food Supplies Minister Yumkham Erabot on Monday smashed open the padlock at the entrance door of the Khadi and Village Industries department at Lamphel here [Manipur], which some militants had locked on Saturday evening.” Yumkham Erabot is the FCS or Food and Civil Supplies Minister.

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