Chappell's exit

Greg Chappell's decision not to seek an extension of his contract with the BCCI brings to an end a not-too-happy period in Indian cricket. Nobody questions Chappell's skill and competence, but unfortunately he seems to lack in both man and media management.

Now that the curtain has fallen on Act I, we must make attempts to build our cricket team afresh. Our players are all talented individuals who need to be moulded into a well-knit, compact unit.

Nanda Kumar Kuri,

Our cricket heroes are facing the wrath without being listened to. The need of the hour is not to rub salt into their wounds but to sympathise with them. We should have the courage to stand by them in their hour of crisis.

Binod Mishra,

Even if Chappell has not been able to coach the Indian team in the finer points of cricket, we can have the satisfaction that we have taught him the Indian way of slipping out of a difficult situation. Chappell's comments about the players were in very bad taste and were obviously intended to create divisions among them. This was no way for a coach to deal with his wards even if he had made up his mind to leave the team.

S. Kamat,
Bardez, Goa

The BCCI, senior players, and, above all, our electronic media are all responsible for the World Cup debacle. Unless our nation gives up hero worship, neither politics nor sports will improve.

Senior players of Team India became a spent force long ago but we refused to accept the reality. Juniors with good skills continue to be neglected because of the seniors' attitude. Chappell was absolutely right but we refuse to accept his assessment.

N. Gopalan,

What is wrong if attitudes are questioned? Isn't it true that it was the attitude of senior players that contributed to our shameful exit from the World Cup? Let the BCCI, the captain, senior players, and selectors sit together and thrash out the issue. As for the media, they should report the final outcome and not create a sensation prematurely.

Parsa V.R. Rao,