Tamil and Kannada film personalities only made matters worse by staging public protests over the Hogenakkal issue. They should have refrained from stoking the flame and left the issue to the legislative and judicial process. While accusing politicians of cultivating chauvinistic impulses, they seemed unmindful of the fact that they were doing the same through their active involvement.

Snehith Sankineni,


* * *

It was painful to see some Tamil film stars throwing restraint to the winds. They gathered to express their solidarity with the Tamilians in Karnataka. But by airing their views recklessly, they did just the opposite.

Kala Ramanan,


* * *

It is not uncommon for chauvinistic elements to exploit issues of language, religion or caste. The media’s act of exaggerating small incidents only adds fuel to the fire. In what way was the boycott of a day’s work by the film industry and advocates useful in resolving the issue? Political parties, on their part, should remember that elections come and go. The people should not be made to suffer in the bargain. It was indeed shameful for a party like the BJP to rake up a settled issue. The need of the hour is patience.

N. Jayaraj,


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