Avoidable row

Union Minority Affairs Minister A.R. Antulay kicked up an avoidable controversy when he raised doubts about the killing of ATS chief Hemant Karkare and his colleagues during the Mumbai terror attacks and asked for a probe into the circumstances in which they were sent to the Cama hospital.

He and those who think like him should understand that a police officer always leads from the front when there is trouble. On learning that the terrorists, after killing indiscriminately in the CST station, had gone towards the Cama hospital, it was only natural for Karkare to go on the hot trail. I am sure he had no way of knowing that the operations at the Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels would last 60 hours and that there were more terrorists there than at the Cama hospital.

Col. Ram Gulrajani (retd.),


* * *

The article “Everybody loves a good conspiracy” (Dec. 23) has demolished the theory that a conspiracy was hatched to send Karkare and his colleagues to the Cama hospital.

But it must be said that Mr. Antulay has achieved his goal. He has successfully injected doubt in the minds of many. Some people revel in creating funny stories without any basis, and some benefit from them.

K. Muralidharan,


* * *

It is unfortunate that in our country anyone who dares to raise a doubt is branded anti-national. Mr. Antulay only raised a doubt and echoed the view of many among the Muslim community. Whenever a Muslim speaks out, he is accused of aiding Pakistan. The media, the sangh parivar and the Congress succeed in diverting attention away from the real issue.

Why can’t they answer questions properly? Why resort to propaganda to distract from the uncomfortable questions?

Khalid H. Qureshi,


* * *

It is disturbing to note that some people support Mr. Antulay in the name of freedom of expression and right to differ. One should know how to draw a line between freedom of speech and the trespass of national interest. The intention and sting of the Minister’s remark cannot be trivialised by any argument.

Amit Shrivastava,

New Delhi

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