‘Why was China allowed to justify Galwan clash’

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi  

A day after India and China announced disengagement and de-escalation at the Ladakh border, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday asked why India did not insist on restoring status quo ante , allowed China to ‘justify’ the Galwan Valley clash and did not mention territorial sovereignty over the Valley.

In a tweet, he said the Government of India was duty-bound to protect national interest.

The Congress had insisted on restoring the status that existed on the borders before May 5. Lok Sabha member and former Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor too stressed on restoring status quo ante .

“Disengagement is welcome, but means little unless the status quo ante is restored. Otherwise we’ll yet again see both sides declare peace, with China having changed the facts on the ground & moved the LAC closer to where it wants. The May-June status cannot become the ‘new normal’ ”, tweeted Mr. Tharoor.

Mr. Gandhi asked on Twitter: “National interest is paramount. GOI’s duty is to protect it. Then, 1. Why has Status Quo Ante not been insisted on? 2. Why is China allowed to justify the murder of 20 unarmed jawans in our territory? 3. Why is there no mention of the territorial sovereignty of Galwan valley?”

Sharing the Indian and the Chinese press statements, Mr. Gandhi highlighted a sentence from the China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs that read, “The right and wrong of what happened in the Galwan Valley on the western sector of the China-India boundary is very clear. China will continue safeguarding our territorial sovereignty as well as peace and tranquillity in the border areas”.

On Monday, senior Congress leader Anand Sharma described it as a positive development but sought to praise the armed forces for “standing firm to protect India’s territory”.

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