VHP attack on journalist flayed

JAIPUR NOV. 24. The People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) has condemned the attack on the well-known columnist, Kuldip Nayyar, in Delhi allegedly by a crowd of VHP supporters. Mr. Nayyar was attacked for taking up the shooting case at Ansal Plaza in which police killed two alleged terrorists.

``They were shouting at him for taking up the cause of `dead Muslims'. It is a continuation of violence that started in Gujarat. This violence in retail will be unleashed against the critics of the theocratic politics imitated by RSS and propagated by VHP, Bajrang Dal and other large number of outfits,'' said K.G. Kannabiran, national president of PUCL in a statement from Chittorgarh today.

Mr. Kannabiran, who is in the Rajasthan town to preside over the two-day meeting of the State unit of PUCL, said the leadership of the violent mob that had heckled the senior journalist would have had the tacit support of the BJP and its allies.``A government that condoned large-scale crimes in Gujarat will never prevent unleashing such retail violence to silence dissent.

A drama of democratic discourse will be enacted to choke the chain of protest at this rowdy assault,'' Mr. Kannabiran said calling upon people to protest and continually work against emerging fascist trends.