Typhoon wreaks havoc in China

SHANGHAI, AUG. 14. The most powerful typhoon to hit China in seven years roared inland after killing 115 persons along the coast and mowing a swathe of destruction though farms, towns and fishing ports, state media reported.

Typhoon Rananim weakened to a tropical storm after crossing into landlocked Jiangxi province, where it brought heavy rain to China's central lakes region, meteorologists said.

Sixteen persons were missing in Zhejiang province, just south of Shanghai, where the typhoon made landfall Thursday night with winds of more than 160 kph, China Central Television reported.

At least 1,800 persons were injured, 185 of them seriously, while 42,000 houses were destroyed and tens of thousands more damaged, various Government reports said on Friday.

Television and newspaper pictures showed people caught in the open crouching low to avoid being blown over by gales and flying rain.

Massive waves pounded fishing ports.


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