Two "chadars" for Musharraf

Special Correspondent

AJMER: Two ceremonial "chadars" were presented by the Khadims of the dargah of the Sufi saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, to the Pakistan President, Pervez Musharraf, during his visit here on Saturday.

It depicts a new aspect of spiritual connection between India and Pakistan through the Sufi mystics who propagated the message of peace, harmony and spirituality in the Indian subcontinent during the medieval period. The "chadars" are to be draped on the tombs of Hazrat Ali Bin Usman Hijweri, popularly known as Data Ganj Baksh, in Lahore, and Hazrat Fariduddin Ganj Shakkar, in Pakpattan, both situated in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The "chadars" were selected from the offerings made at the Khwaja's mausoleum here.

"The chadars will carry the message of spiritual unity of the two countries and remind the followers of the Sufi mystics in Pakistan; that they are also inheritors of the great tradition of universalism in spiritual matters," vice-president of the Anjuman Khuddam Syedzadgan, Moin Hussain Chisti, representing the dargah's Khadims, told The Hindu.

Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz had crossed the tomb of Data Ganj Baksh, one of the greatest saints of his time, in Lahore on his way to Ajmer around 1190 A.D. He recited extempore a Persian couplet in praise of Data Ganj Baksh, which became so popular that the pilgrims to the Lahore dargah recite it whole-heartedly even today. The verse describes Ganj Baksh as the one who revealed the Light of God and as the leader of all the spiritual mentors. Fariduddin Ganj Shakkar was one of the prominent disciples of Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz and went to Punjab after getting the highest spiritual attainment under his guidance. This was shortly after Shahabuddin Ghori attacked India and defeated Prithviraj Chauhan in the famous battle of Tarain. In another unusual gesture, the Anjuman presented a bouquet of flowers to Gen. Musharraf after his `dastarbandi' in the dargah to applaud the recent measures for the improvement of relations between the two countries. The Anjuman traditionally presents swords to the visiting Heads of State or Government.

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