Troop withdrawal gains momentum

Jaisalmer Nov. 9. Withdrawal of Army personnel deployed in forward locations along the border with Pakistan has gained momentum following the availability of additional railway rakes, official sources said here today.

The Railways have provided the Army extra rakes for transporting troops and have even suspended two passenger trains for the purpose, sources said.

Now three trains are departing daily from Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Sriganganagar, carrying jawans back to their peace-time locations.

The return of Air Force personnel to peace stations has been completed.

The Army is clearing land mines before it finally completes withdrawal, the sources said.

Special mine detection equipments are being used to remove anti-tank and anti-personnel mines to make the areas safe for civilian population. The mine removal is proving to be hazardous for the engineering unit of the Army in the wake of desert storms.

``The Army had fenced the mined areas and put up land marks, but many of them were lost in the sand storms'', sources said. — PTI

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