‘Transitmycin' proves effective for all types of HIV

The new anti-bacterial, anti-viral molecule ‘Transitmycin' recently isolated by scientists of the Tuberculosis Research Centre in the coral sands of Ramanathapuram has proven to be effective for all types of HIV, researchers say.

The molecule was initially tested only against the common types of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, ‘C' (more common in India) and ‘B' where it was found to be effective.

Later, researchers also tested the molecule on all sub types of the virus and various recombinant forms to see if it would work, explained Vanaja Kumar, head of Bacteriology at TRC.

Researchers set the molecule to work on live and dormant forms of the virus either in combination with known drugs or individually to measure the antigens (any substance that causes the immune system to produce an antibody) that are thus generated.

‘Transitmycin' had produced significant antibodies in all sub types, common and uncommon, of HIV.

Researchers at TRC have decided to take it to next level by conducting talks with private institutions, and have also written to the ICMR for further funding.

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