Porsche firm team up for design automation

A start-up in Hyderabad, its German arm and Porsche company MHP have formed a global partnership for developing design automation applications for automotive and manufacturing industries.

Under the partnership, Invilogic Software, EniT Invilogic GmbH and MHP will “develop design automation technologies to enable management of product complexity and design time reduction by more than 90% for the [user] industries,” a joint announcement here on Wednesday said.

Highlighting the joint venture’s potential, Invilogic CEO Siddhartha Durairajan and MHP’s Head of R&D Transformation Michael Kirchgassner said the major advantage would be the ability to meet the customer requirements much faster. While the partnership would help Invilogic expand its business horizons, for MHP it would translate into cost cuttings and access to more talent.

The tri-parte partnership will help effectively handle customer requirement, variant management, intellligent modularisation even while generating analytical reports. To a query, Mr. Durairajan said the three partners would approach the customers as a single entity.

MHP, a Porsche company, is a leading management and IT consultancy primarily for the automotive industry. It provided consulting services and support to over 300 companies worldwide from a strategic and operational perspective.

Promoter director of Invilogic Software Sreenivasa Musani said the company, on which the investment so far is $1.5 million, has plans to expand operations both in India and Germany. It aimed to grow its workforce from 40 people now to 120 within the next 12 months.

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