Government forcibly grabbing land, alleges CPI (M) leader Julakanti

The discussion on compensation against land taken for digging a canal between the proposed Mallannasagar and Mid Maneir witnessed outburst from the farmers.

“I have 34 guntas of land and more than half of it would be wiped off in canal digging under the Kaleswaram project. The remaining would be divided on either side of the canal. We were not yet informed how much land would remain with us. Probably 10 guntas? How could I cultivate that on a divided land?” asked emotionally charged T. Shobha, a farmer from Rajakkapet.

She was one among several farmers who attended a programme organised by Telangana Rytu Sangham and Bhoo Nirvasitual Porata Committee here on Thursday.

Ms. Shobha had bought the land about eight years ago with the money earned by her husband Malla Reddy, while working in Gulf countries. “As you know that migration is high in this area, I am one of the migrants who worked in Gulf for 16 years from 1991 to 2015 and bought this land with the hard earned money. Now, the government said they would not pay compensation for the land that they would not take. I could not use that land as well. What will be our future?” asked Mr Malla Reddy, while speaking to The Hindu .

“We do not need any financial compensation. Let the government provide us same 34 guntas of land that could be cultivated near the canal,” demanded Ms. Shobha

Former MLA and CPI (M) leader Julakanti Ranga Reddy has alleged that the government has been forcibly grabbing lands for irrigation projects without paying proper compensation. He has demanded that the government should implement LA Act – 2013.

Mr. Ranga Reddy said that no one was against the irrigation projects or industries, rather the demand was that the government pay compensation as the per the Act. He said that the farmers were facing threats from officials and local leaders.

About 400 farmers of Appannapally, Hasan Mirapur, Peddagundavelli, Balvantapur, Chellapur and Rajakkapet were losing about 335 acres of land. The government has proposed digging of main canal to divert water between Mid Manier to Mallannasagar through this canal.

The farmers who attended the meeting alleged that they were being forced to sell their land for Rs. 6 lakh per acre against their demand of Rs. 25 lakh per acre or land for land or diversion of route.

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