A move aimed at checking black money: BJP

Telangana BJP leaders have appealed to people to understand the motive behind demonetisation of high value currency notes as it was aimed at preventing corruption and exposing black money hoarders.

State leaders G Premender Reddy, N Venugopal Reddy and district president A Ashok Reddy said the Government was doing its job be it attack on Pakistan or exposing black money hoarders. The demonetisation would better the economy of the country and benefit a large number of people in the long run.

Rebutting the criticism that it was ill-planned and not well prepared, the BJP leaders said the decision was taken after a lot of thinking. The Central government has opened 25 crore bank accounts two years ago only to help the poor and marginalised sections under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. The Central government also a gave chance by introducing income declaration scheme.

“There may be little difficulty now but things will become normal. The Opposition parties are trying to gain political mileage by criticising the ban on high value currency,” Premender Reddy said.

Mr Venugopal Reddy has appealed to TRS government to take such bold decisions to end corruption in government offices.

sHe wanted the Chief Minister to prohibit MLAs from doing contracts as it would help bring down the black money and corruption in the newly formed Telangana State.

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