Wrong judgment

Sir, — In his article `Signpost for peace in South Asia' (July 18) L. Ramdas, former Navy Chief, writes as if he is a third party or is a person who does not know the history and origin of the aggression on Jammu and Kashmir, forgetting the resultant Cold War politics played by the Western countries whose interference he indirectly seeks for the solution of the Indo-Pakistani problem? All nations, except the then U.S.S.R, and Bhutan, sided with Pakistan and its Western allies in the U.N. voting against us during the Bangladesh conflict. His suggestion to keep the Indo-Pakistani border porous permitting movement of people from one side to the other is preposterous in the light of militants' intrusion through the same border, resulting in the murder of civilians. Pakistan wants to avenge its humiliation of 1971 and will not stop short of doing harm to India duly abetted by countries, which do not want India's international stature to rise.

M. Rajaraman,


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