Workshop on disaster management

Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: Following financial crunch and the natural disasters in the State, the Tamil Nadu branch of the Indian Red Cross Society has organised a disaster preparedness and capacity building workshop in the city.

The workshop, organised by the IRCS' national headquarters in New Delhi, opened on Wednesday.

Representatives from various districts shared experiences with resource persons and worked in groups to evolve a management programme and plan an agenda for action.

Society vice-president, S.V. Chittibabu, who cited statistics from World Disaster Report, said India and Asia, in general, lay in the vulnerable zone for cyclones, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Among the resource persons was Shivnarayan Mishra, who spoke on vulnerability and capacity assessment. Sarojini Varadappan, society president, expressed concern that while the State health department had been able to prevent epidemics after the tsunami, it found it difficult to manage the increase in malaria and dengue fever cases caused by mosquitoes. She urged participants to maintain accounts for donations and ensure credibility. She said participants would be prepared for any disaster .