Workload agreement for NTC workers

They will get night shift allowance, attendance incentive

The National Textile Corporation (NTC) has entered into an agreement with two trade unions, outlining the workload and the benefits for workers at Rangavilas Mill here for five years.

Chief General Manager of NTC A. Arulsamy told The Hindu on Wednesday that the tripartite agreement came into effect on August 18.

The NTC had a workload agreement for its other mills here. Sri Rangavilas Mill was modernised a couple of years ago and had 40,000 spindles. It had over 350 permanent workers and about 100 casual workers.

It entered into a workload agreement with LPF and INTUC, the two main unions at the mill, and this was registered on Tuesday as a tripartite agreement, with the Department of Labour being part of it.

New system

A new system was now adopted to determine the workload.

With this, the workers would get higher benefit and the mill would be able to improve capacity utilisation to 95 per cent from 80 per cent now.

The workers would also get allowance for night shift and attendance incentive that would go up to Rs.560 for those who work for 26 days a month.

With labour shortage, the mill would realise better capacity utilisation with the existing workforce, he said.

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