Working overtime is not a problem for them

WITH A continuous stream of students flowing into the District Employment Office in Tiruchi to enrol themselves for employment, the staff here have geared up to deal with the heavy workload. The office has devised its own methods to handle the rush, says the Assistant Director of Employment, P. Suresh Kumar.

With the numbers nearly touching 8,000 this time, the method has been revised to feed data into the computers dividing students of Standards X and XII into two groups. The printed registration cards are then sent to the students a few days later. Though the manual entry of data ensured the immediate delivery of cards, students are delighted with the computer documentation as it ensured more data security.

Despite the heavy turnout, the office staff have not made any fuss, even when they were faced with a situation where they would have had to work overtime to finish the work during the weekends. "They are at home with the work and the culture of cooperation has grown with them," Mr. Suresh acknowledged.


in Tiruchi.

From Prathibha Parameswaran in Tiruchi.

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