Work for peace, Karunanidhi tells parties

CHENNAI March 29 . All political parties should sink their differences and involve themselves jointly in ensuring peace in Coimbatore, the DMK president, M.Karunanidhi said today.

The flames of communal fire should not spread to other parts, he said and added that it was possible that there was no communal tinge to the Coimbatore killings.

But when a person of a community was killed and if members of that community think that they would be satisfied only if a member of another community was murdered, it did not augur well for peace. People of all communities should realise this fact.

Detailing the sequence of events, which brought the city to a standstill, he said Coimbatore has begun to smolder just as the Gujarat violence subsided.

The PMK founder, S. Ramadoss, suggested setting up of committees consisting of citizens belonging to all faiths to maintain peace and communal harmony in the city.

Dr. Ramadoss said following the killings, tension prevailed not only in Coimbatore but also in other parts of the district. The situation should not be allowed to be exploited by anti-social elements. He recalled how a colony named Ram-Rahim in Ahmedabad stood as a symbol of peace and harmony when Gujarat was in the grip of communal violence.

Committees had been formed in the colony to maintain peace and not to allow anti-social elements and mischief mongers to hold sway. Such an arrangement could be introduced in Coimbatore also and the committees, which should be permanent, could include local political personalities, the PMK leader said in a statement.

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