Woman seeks police protection

A woman, who alleged in a television show that a church priest had murdered her daughter, approached the Coimbatore City Police on Tuesday seeking protection and a fresh inquiry into her daughter’s death. She alleged that the followers of the priest had stoned her house on Monday night after the show was telecast at 8.30 p.m.

In her complaint, S. Shanthi Rosalyn (40) of Kottai Medu here, said that her daughter spent most of her time at a place of worship at Walayar.

She claimed that on July 23, 2013, the priest had come to her home and forcibly taken her daughter to Walayar where he allegedly tried to misbehave with her and later murdered her and made out as if her daughter committed suicide.

Later, Ms. Rosalyn said that they came across a letter written by her daughter in which she had allegedly stated that she was being harassed.

Following this, she had written petitions to the Director General of Kerala Police seeking a fresh probe into the incident.

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