Why this fuss?

Sir, — Why are political parties making so much fuss about the `India shining' campaign? It is the common people who have to decide the nation's future. The success or failure of a government depends on them. It does not take much effort to cast a vote. If a candidate is elected by 40 per cent of the 60 per cent votes polled, it means only 24 out of a hundred people are in favour and 76 against. Let nothing stop us from exercising our franchise. India has to shine, and has to do so in real terms.

Sanjeev Prakash, Benares, U.P.

Sir, — Every day, I ride on potholed roads that take the `shine' out of travelling. Power cuts at nights take the `shine' out of education for students preparing for examinations.

Vasudev Bhat, Udupi, Karnataka

Sir, — For decades, every government has issued such advertisements and the Opposition has raised a protest. Are the present advertisements more `dangerous' than those issued for the 20-point programmes in the past?

A. Kumar, Chennai

Sir, — The BJP can arguably claim credit for the good economic situation and peace initiatives with Pakistan. But L.K. Advani's lament that the Opposition parties are cold-shouldering the Government's achievements is a little theatrical.

Tirumalai Raman, Chennai